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Web Site

First impressions are everything. For most people, the first contact they will have with your business is through a web site, and statistics show that conclusions are drawn within seconds. With our experience and knowledge, Seven Kinds can help you build a robust, impressive web site to promote your business, focus your branding, and make your services and data available to the world. We also offer SEO (search engine optimization), social media marketing, and other web development services.


Gaining an advantage in your market requires more than just a good strategy. Structuring and streamlining your internal operations is essential to providing the outstanding service customers expect from your business. Seven Kinds has the technical expertise to craft custom-built, efficient, and powerful software solutions for your business. We can help you track data, manage your sales pipeline, analyze the market, and automate your services. We can also help you manage and effectively use existing software in order to ensure an orderly, successful implementation that maximizes growth.

Data Management

Today's businesses need to contend with a complex, sometimes overwhelming data-centered environment. Mastering your data is an important step to building an effective, efficient operation. Seven Kinds has the database, data management, and analysis tools you need to keep on top of your information as it comes in. We can work with you to come up with a comprehensive data solution for your business to ensure streamlined, automated growth, while ensuring the security and integrity of your company's vital information.


Having great software is just the first step to taking control of your company's technology needs. In order to scale, you need a strategy built by experts who understand your business model. With years of experience in analyzing the intersection between business and technology, Seven Kinds can help you build a strong foundation so that you can maximize the potential of your existing and future technological choices.